Welcome to the official home of The SPD Variations Series by Pink-Green-White-4ever. This series includes the stories Variations of Pink and Variations of SPD.

In Variations Of Pink, the Space Patrol Delta Rangers find themselves facing another crisis just weeks after the defeat of Gruumm and the Troobian Empire. Just hours after their return home to the Academy, they find themselves facing a very different Pink Ranger than they originally had. In a twisted turn of events, Sydney learns that she was adopted and finds herself on a quest to find the identities of her birth parents, only this quest could very well spell the end of SPD as the Rangers know it. Friendships and team unity are tested while feelings long kept secret are revealed. It's up to Jack, Z, Bridge and Sky to save Syd before they lose their beloved Pink Ranger for good.

In Variations of SPD, the team is still reeling from the crazy adventure they went on in Variations of Pink, only this time, it's the fate of the very universe in their hands. When Sydney's long lost brother arrives in New Tech City, it throws the team into a tailspin. As if dealing with that wasn't enough, Sky's old flame arrives home from Aquitar and is looking to rekindle her romance with the handsome Blue Ranger. However, a new and more powerful evil than either Gruumm or Visvajita is now waging a war on the Rangers, and the only way to combat his forces is for the six Senior A Squad Rangers to seek out Ninjor at the Temple of Power so that they can gain the power of the Ninjetti. The Rangers also must worry about the possibility of having a traitor in their midst, as well as several relationships taking key turns in their development, before all is said and done. Will they be able to over come the obstacles before them, or will this new evil destroy the universe?

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