Summary: When they're relieved of active Ranger status, the team finds it hard to adjust to not being Rangers anymore. When a new adventure begins, relationships are tested and they learn 2 important lessons: Once a Ranger always a Ranger and anything's possible.
Rating: M for adult situations and language
Relationship: Sydney/Sky, minor Bridge/Z, Jack/Allison

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* Banners done for the story contain pics of Gregory Smith from Everwood. I chose him to play Brian. I am not associated with him, Everwood, or whoever owns that show.
Prologue: Adjustments    Chapter 1: Arrival Of The Dragon    Chapter 2: Siblings

Chapter 3: New Love, First Date, & A Promise Ring    Chapter 3: New Love, First Date, & A Promise Ring - MA Version

Chapter 4: Little Green Monster    Chapter 5: Arrival Of Ninjor    Chapter 5: Arrival Of Ninjor MA Version

Chapter 6: Road Trip Anyone?    Chapter 7: Going To The Temple    Chapter 8: Journey Of The Ninjetti

Chapter 9: Boogying With The Bear    Chapter 10: Ring Around The Ape    Chapter 11: Unveiling Of The Dragon

Chapter 12: Following The Frog    Chapter 13: Tailing The Silent Wolf    Chapter 14: Phoenix Rising

Chapter 15: All You Need Is Faith    Chapter 16: The Return Of The Ninjetti    Chapter 17: Halloween Tragedy

Chapter 18: Missing Blue    Chapter 19: Disbelief    Chapter 20: Drastic Changes    Chapter 21: Pieces Of Hope

Chapter 22: Turning Point    Chapter 23: Rescue Mission Pt 1    Chapter 24: Rescue Mission Pt 2

Chapter 25: Guilty Conscience    Chapter 26: Grieving And Preparing    Chapter 27: Vampra's Arrival

Chapter 28: Interlude    Chapter 28: Interlude MA VERSION

Chapter 29: The Fight Of Their Lives    Chapter 30: Anything's Possible    Epilogue: Variations Of SPD